2. A stimulating and safe 24-hour city

As a prosperous city, Melbourne will be a stimulating and safe 24-hour city in which people enjoy spending time. The city will enable a mix of activities for all ages and backgrounds including retail, entertainment, business, culture, sport and more as it operates around the clock. These activities will be well-managed, balancing security with the pleasures of exploration and discovery.

The inner city moves through different rhythms over the course of the day and night. Between 8am and 6pm, there is the hustle and bustle of workers, shoppers, students and visitors. As people finish work the vibe changes to the more relaxed atmosphere of dining, seeing a show or visiting a gallery. Later, around midnight, people socialise and celebrate in bars and clubs with live entertainment. Then comes the time for the city to rest and recuperate. Late night workers, whether bar tenders, taxi drivers or international finance traders, finish work and head for home along with the revellers. City cleaners then polish the city ready for a new day.

This chart shows the flow of people and activity in the city over 24 hours.


These rhythms are all important to the prosperity of the city. Businesses need central Melbourne to be an attractive place to do business and to further cultivate business relationships outside the office environment. In a 24 hour global city, cultural and sporting events, restaurants and clubs encourage these networking opportunities and contribute to a prosperous city culture.

For Melbourne to maintain our local and international reputation, we must continually improve and manage our exciting and diverse mix of activities over the 24-hour cycle. We need to ensure that workers, people in the city for a night out and residents can happily co-exist, free of conflicts over noise, safety or access.

The municipality's business activity and residential population is set to grow significantly in the next decade. It will also be home to even more diverse groups including young, old and those from many different cultural groups. The municipality must incorporate a safe, complementary mix of night-time activities, supported by activities that directly and indirectly promote safety and amenity.

Goals Indicators Outcomes

Welcoming, engaging and safe 24-hour city

Melbourne's central business district is a safe and enjoyable 24-hour place to visit, live and to do business that also supports the cultivation of business relationships through meeting and networking places out of the office.

Percentage of visitors who feel safe in the City of Melbourne.

Target: 100 per cent

Current: 2006 - average perception that the city was safe - 89 per cent. 1

Visitors, workers and residents feel welcome, safe and engaged in the streets and venues throughout the 24-hour cycle of city life. There are capital city and international functions and events and late night entertainment, restaurants and retailing. Services for visitors, workers, businesses and residents are available throughout the 24-hours.

Well managed variety of activities

Activities offered, including late night venues, are well managed, varied and balanced. Measures to address land use conflict are augmented.

Number of cultural events.

Current: indicator to be developed. 2

Number of noise complaints per 1000 residents.

Current: indicator to be developed. 3

Melbourne has a diverse range of activities with an increasing number of businesses operating extended hours. Its festivals support and incorporate cultural activities.

Late night activities are well managed to reduced conflict through: venues patron safety programs; alcohol-free events; venue soundproofing; and successful management initiatives.

Safe city

Levels of violence and crime on streets and in homes (particularly in relation to vulnerable groups) are reduced and perceptions of safety are improved.

Percentage of visitors who feel safe in the City of Melbourne Municipality.

Current: 2006 - the average perception of safety was 89 per cent. 4

Residents, visitors and workers feel safe in the city 24 hours a day.

Safety and crime prevention are priorities and city safety is enhanced.

Reduced rate of crime against the person offences (per head of population) and particularly vulnerable groups such as women, children and young people.

24-hour public transport service

Public transport is provided at an appropriate and effective level 24-hours a day to service all users of the city.

Number of public transport services available at 11pm, 1am, 3am and 5am.

Current: indicator to be developed.

Public transport is available and well patronised 24-hours a day.

Increased mobility and access supports extended and non-conventional operating hours.

Complementary day and night use of space

Precincts and places in the municipality are used during the day or night with complementary activities to maximise use of the resource.

Land use mix in precincts.

Current: indicator to be developed.

Central Area Pedestrian Counts Day.

Current: 2007 - average pedestrian activity 175,000 to 224,000 counts per day 5

Increased access to diverse public spaces across the municipality.

Public space is used innovatively and creatively and the principles of 'Safer by Design and Access for all Abilities' are applied.


1 : City of Melbourne: Perceptions of Safety in the City of Melbourne

2 : City of Melbourne: Multi Dimensional Events Calendar

3 : City of Melbourne: Council Record Management (CRM) System

4 : City of Melbourne Perceptions of Safety in the City of Melbourne

5 : City of Melbourne (2007) Who uses the city?

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