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Our Post-Implementation Review is now available and can be downloaded here (PDF - 1.8MB - Now optimised for printing. The review identifies key successes, learnings and recommendations which were informed by a range of quantitative data regarding site usage and engagement, during both our four week public consultation period and over the life of the project. A number of interviews were also conducted with participants, including staff from various Council branches as well as public participants.
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Planning begins on Future Melbourne initiatives

Posted 1 April 2009 at 16:50

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

It's great to have this opportunity to update everyone on Council's progress with Future Melbourne.

I'm genuinely excited by the vision for the city outlined in this long term plan. Since undertaking an innovative public consultation process last year, and the plan receiving Council endorsement in September, my new Council is working on developing an implementation process to ensure the community's vision is put in place.

As Future Melbourne is the community’s plan, a wide range of community, business, institutional and government sectors will need to work together to make it happen.

From Council’s perspective, we’re looking at how we can best implement Future Melbourne through Council Plan 2009–2013, which outlines our vision and objectives for our term in office.

The councillors, Deputy Lord Mayor, and I have agreed to build our Council Plan around the six Future Melbourne goals. We believe they’re the right goals for our city. This will also ensure alignment between the Future Melbourne vision and the projects Council allocates funding to on an annual basis over the next four years. We have also adopted two additional goals, which address leadership and resources, in order to guide our organisational performance.

The eight goals of Council Plan are:

  1. a city for people
  2. a creative city
  3. economic prosperity
  4. a knowledge city
  5. an eco-city
  6. a connected city
  7. lead by example, and
  8. manage our resources well.

We feel these goals will provide a solid grounding on which to manage Council's activities over the next four years. As the Council Plan comes together, you’ll notice the ideas from Future Melbourne beginning to take shape.

One of the first of these will be our 1200 Buildings project, which has its roots in the eco-city goal. This ambitious program aims to retrofit 1200 of the city's existing buildings potentially eliminating 383,000 tonnes of CO2 currently emitted per annum. The city's existing office building stock is one of our highest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, so it's great to start the ball rolling with such an exciting and important project.

We’ve also launched a major community consultation around the redevelopment of Swanston Street. A number of design options have been developed including managing existing arrangements, re-opening the street to traffic, through to further pedestrianisation. Community consultation will commence in early April 2009 and conclude on Friday, 8 May 2009. You can view the design options and have your say on the City of Melbourne website.

Future Melbourne will also inform our review of the Melbourne Planning Scheme as the outcomes sought by the community will be translated into our statutory planning framework.

Council Plan will be finalised in June this year. A submission phase will occur from Friday, 15 May until Monday, 15 June. Visit the City of Melbourne website at that time to inspect a copy of Council Plan and have your say.

We’re looking forward to Council Plan playing a major role in realising the Future Melbourne vision of a bold, inspirational and sustainable city.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

City of Melbourne & City of Sydney Share Major Planning Award

31 March 2009

The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) has bestowed its coveted President’s Award jointly on the City of Melbourne and the City of Sydney for their separate leadership roles in advancing national agendas of sustainability, transport planning and social infrastructure in major cities.

The Award, presented yesterday evening – Monday 30 March 2009, at the PIA’s 2009 Annual Congress in Darwin, is for both the Future Melbourne Community Plan and the Sustainable Sydney 2030 Vision.

Although regarded as traditional rivals, Melbourne and Sydney both recognise the vital need for sustainable development in the physical environment, the economy, society and culture. The award highlights that the cities have addressed these issues with bold ideas and good governance.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said that he was delighted the Planning Institute of Australia had recognised both cities for their unique approaches to developing a community driven plan for the future of both cities.


City of Melbourne wins Victorian planning award
Future Melbourne has been awarded the 2008 Award for Planning Excellence in Local Government from the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) Victorian Division. The Awards recognise achievements and contributions across a diverse range of professional and technical fields. You can read more about the City of Melbourne's achievement on page 19 here.
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